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Robert P. Holley Fund


In 2017 retired library science educator Robert Holley, along with Martha Spear, his spouse, established a new FTRF endowment called the Robert P. Holley Fund.


The fund was established to support two purposes:

a. To encourage membership in the FTRF by library students.
b. To support FTRF’s litigation efforts on behalf of free speech and privacy.


Robert P. Holley, along with Martha Spear, his spouse, believes that creating the next generation of freedom to read supporters is a critical task and he is encouraging that by offering a free, one-year FTRF membership for any current LIS student in a graduate level program.

“For over twenty years, my courses at Wayne State University have prodded students to value Intellectual Freedom (IF). I believe that the Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF) is the key IF player for librarians because its status allows participation in litigation in support of this fundamental right,” said Holley.

Join the Freedom to Read Foundation through the Robert P. Holley Fund today!

With your membership you will:

  • Learn about current IF news, grants, scholarship opportunities, events, and challenges
  • Gain a further interest in and a better understanding of intellectual freedom
  • Receive a monthly FTRF E-Newsletter
  • Have free access to valuable webinar

Start your free membership year by completing this application.

 Martha Spear and Robert Holley    
 “The couple that reads banned books together, stays together!”