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Judith F. Krug
Last updated: 3/28/2016
Judith F. Krug
Roll of Honor
United States
Additional Information
  Judith was added to the Roll of Honor in 1995.

For over 40 years, Judith had an unparalleled impact on libraries and readers as the country's most prominent intellectual freedom advocate. Krug was FTRF's founding executive director and the founding director of the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom until her 2009 death. To many, she *was* the Freedom to Read Foundation.

In addition to the Roll of Honor award, Krug was the recipient of the Joseph P. Lippincott Award, the Irita Van Doren Award, the Harry Kalven Freedom of Expression Award and the William J. Brennan, Jr. Award from the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression. In 2005, Krug was given an honorary doctorate by the University of Illinois.

More on Judith's legacy can be found at
  THANK YOU, Judith F. Krug, for devoting your professional life to the cause
of intellectual freedom and for 26 years of service to the Freedom to Read
Foundation as its executive director.

Thank you for the personal assistance you have provided to thousands of
individual librarians, and trustees, and libraries in their defense of
challenged materials.

Thank you for the inspiration your efforts and guidance have brought to the
profession as a whole and for the skillful management of the Foundation's
resources. The expertise you have provided the Foundation's board has
made it possible for the Foundation to create First Amendment awareness
among all libraries and library users far out of proportion to the Foundation's
size and its budget. Because of you, Judith F. Krug, the Foundation was
created and the freedom to read has a champion without equal.

Gordon M. Conable, President
Barbara Froling Immroth, Vice-President

Chicago, Illinois
June 1995
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