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Jerry A. Thrasher
Last updated: 8/29/2013
Jerry A. Thrasher
Roll of Honor
Additional Information
  Jerry was added to the Roll of Honor in 1993.

Jerry served as director of the Cumberland County Public Library in Fayetteville, NC from 1980 through his retirement in 2007. During this time, he faced two significant censorship challenges from groups opposed to two library's building campaigns. The 1992 challenge, for which he was named to the Roll of Honor, involved challenges to Daddy's Roommate and Heather Has Two Mommies. A 1999 challenge was to Knowing by Rosalyn McMillanand two Richard Zacks books.

In 1999 Jerry was named Library Journal's "Librarian of the Year."
THANK YOU, Jerry Thrasher, for your courageous defense of the freedom to

Thank you for embodying the highest principles of the library profession
as director of the Cumberland County Public Library in Fayetteville,
North Carolina.

Thank you for taking a public stand against censorship in the face of
threats to withhold financial support.

Thank you for showing, by your example, that standing up to censorship
succeeds, that books on controversial subjects belong in library
collections, and that the public supports librarians who defend the freedom
of library users to choose among a diversity of library materials which
present all points of view on topics of current and historical interest and

For his courage and perseverance in support of free expression and the
First Amendment rights of library users, the Freedom to Read Foundation
salutes Jerry A. Thrasher.

Gordon M. Conable, President
Judith F. Krug, Executive Director

New Orleans, Louisiana
June 1993
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