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June Pinnell-Stephens
Last updated: 3/28/2016
June Pinnell-Stephens
Roll of Honor
Additional Information
  June was the 2004 recipient of the Roll of Honor Award.

A past president and past treasurer of FTRF, June is a stalwart of the intellectual freedom community. Called the "intellectual freedom 'guru'" of Alaska by ALA past-president Ann Symons, Pinnell-Stephens has been involved with the Alaska Library Association's intellectual freedom committee and the Alaska Civil Liberties Union (AkCLU) for years. She also served on ALA's Intellectual Freedom Committee and she chaired the committee that developed the "Libraries: An American Value" statement in 1999. June was a librarian at North Star Borough Public Library in Fairbanks and is now an independent library professional in Alaska. She is author of the ALA Editions book "Protecting Intellectual Freedom in Your Public Library."

June also received the prestigious Robert B. Downs Award from the Graduate School of Library & Information Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2004.
  THANK YOU, June Pinnell-Stephens, for your years of devotion to, support
of, and advocacy for the First Amendment and the Freedom to Read

Thank you, June, for making the Foundation a focal point of your life’s
work. The Foundation is demonstrably stronger due to your tremendous
contributions, including your service as President and Treasurer, your
efforts to raise the Foundation’s profile and expand its membership, and
your generous financial support.

Thank you, June, for the many ways in which you go about defending the
freedom to read: the trainings you conduct, your active involvement on
committees and boards, your impassioned speeches, the impressive
knowledge you accumulate and share. You are a powerful force for the
constitutional principles that form the core of librarianship in this country.

Thank you, June, for making a difference at home. Your stalwart
leadership in Alaska has resulted in significant First Amendment victories.
You have fought important battles against censorship and for user privacy.
In each instance, you have taken the opportunity to educate everyone
involved about what intellectual freedom entails and why it is so essential
to the state and the nation. Perhaps most impressive, you have maintained
your sense of humor throughout it all!

Thank you, June Pinnell-Stephens, for your vigilance. Thank you for your
integrity. Thank you for persevering. Thank you for speaking out. Thank
you for being an example to us all.

Gordon M. Conable, President
Judith F. Krug, Executive Director
Orlando, Florida
June 2004
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